Assisted Suicide: Contact Your MSP

June 22, 2018

Please contact your MSP to voice your opposition to assisted suicide and ask what their position is.

Here’s an urgent message from the Catholic Parliamentary Office:

On 19th April, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, the Liberal Democrat Health Spokesman, asked witnesses at the Equalities and Human Rights Committee whether individuals should have the right “to be assisted through any means necessary to quit this life with dignity?” Mr Cole-Hamilton also wrote in The Scotsman newspaper that ‘we need the right to die.’ A Cross Party Group has also been set up in the Scottish Parliament to consider end of life choices, including the right to assisted suicide.
It all points towards another campaign to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland; a campaign which needs a compassionate, yet robust and committed opposition that will speak up for the vulnerable and for better palliative care for those who are affected by terminal illness. 
Society should continue to discourage suicide and work hard to prevent it. We should be careful not to normalise it with dangerous laws.
The legalisation of assisted suicide, even in so called limited circumstances, is a very slippery slope. No matter the ‘safeguards’ which might be put in place there is considerable risk of abuse and error. Assisted suicide also creates a culture where certain lives are deemed more valuable than others. The vulnerable become more vulnerable, and this is never more evident than in the intense opposition to assisted suicide by disability groups.
We must act now.
Please contact your MSPs today and ask them, in your own words, where they stand on assisted suicide. You can find details of your MSPs here. Just enter your postcode.
And remember, you have seven regional MSPs as well as one constituency MSP, so please do try to contact all of them.
It may be helpful if you were to highlight some of the risks and dangers of assisted suicide and you can find useful information in the FAQs section of the Care Not Killing website
And please do let us know what your MSP says by emailing us at putting ‘MSP Assisted Suicide’ in the subject line.
It is very important that we know what your MSP says so please remember to contact us. 

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