‘Lifeline’ change name, no longer pro-life

September 1, 2017
Recently there has been same coverage in the press about Lifeline and its proposed name change (http://www.lifelinecounselling.org/news/).  The following is a response I made to the article in the Scottish Catholic Observer:

It is indeed a great shame that a group with such a pro-life and Catholic history should feel it necessary to remove the word life from its name because “the word life has become toxic”.

Even more worrying is the statement “but Lifeline doesn’t mean pro-life, we’re non-judgemental”. Here at the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative we are very proud to be pro-life and are certainly not, nor ever have been, judgemental.

More importantly, everyone should be aware that Lifeline can no longer expect the support of the Catholic and Pro-Life communities, not because of their proposed name change but because of the direction they have now chosen to take.

The Lifeline website states under their ‘where to get help’ tab, “If we are not open or able to provide the appropriate support, we recommend the following agencies.” Top of their list is the Chambers Street Sexual Health Centre which, among its services clearly stated on the Lifeline website, is “can refer for abortion”.

Please read and share as I wouldn’t want anyone to be compromised in giving support to this now, no longer, pro-life group.

Sr Roseann