Glasgow midwife mentions help from the Pro-Life Initiative in an interview for the Evening Times

March 24, 2017

An article was published in the Evening Times (on 10th March) featuring Hilary, one of the midwives who gets equipment for the women she works with from us. Here is an extract from the article:

“Hilary is part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s SNIPs team (Special Needs in Pregnancy) which works with some of the city’s most vulnerable pregnant women including young teenagers and the homeless. She recently became one of only 20 community nurses selected to be part of the first group of Queen’s Nurses in almost 50 years – a marker of excellence in the industry.

Hilary’s Mini Cooper is normally crammed full of prams, toys and cots as she helps source women equipment through the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.

She said: “The women get a cot, a steriliser and and baby bedding and that’s it. So when these women have their babies – they get £35 a week in support – you can’t buy anything with that.

“So usually from the Cardinal Winning charity, I can get these women everything they need.

“They are amazing. There are lots of charities in Glasgow which help.”

Petition: Revoke Marie Stopes’ licence to perform abortions in the UK

March 10, 2017

SPUC and Life have launched a joint petition to have Marie Stopes International (MSI) stripped of their licence to perform abortions in the UK.

The joint initiative comes in light of recent scandals and in the wake of a probe which has lifted the lid on the nation’s shameful abortion industry.

Marie Stopes has been subject to recent inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which revealed shocking levels of safety violations putting the lives and health of women at risk. In view of such appalling treatment of women, treatment which is rooted in their callous disregard for unborn children, both SPUC and LIFE are calling on the Secretary of State for Health to withdraw from MSI their licence to carry out abortions.

Marie Stopes

Last year, the Care Quality Commission uncovered a catalogue of dangerous and illegal practices at private abortion clinics at Marie Stopes International private abortion clinics. The CQC report revealed serious safety failings such as there being no staff trained to assist in anaesthesia, no staff present who could administer medication in cases of haemorrhage, and lack of consent training.

A Daily Mail investigation published on 6th March 2017 further found that MSI has been approving thousands of abortions without meeting women with some discussions lasting as little as 22 seconds.

Read SPUC and Life’s press release on the investigation.

Sign the petition

In view of their appalling treatment of women, and recognising that every abortion takes the life of an unborn baby, Life and SPUC call on the Secretary of State for Health to withdraw from MSI their licence to carry out abortions. Please sign the petition and make your voice heard!

Ladies’ Lunch 2017 – Save The Date

March 7, 2017

We are excited to announce that this year’s Ladies’ Lunch will be held on SATURDAY 18th NOVEMBER, at 200 SVS in Glasgow- a lovely city centre venue which will cater for 400 guests. Keep an eye out for updates with further details.

As 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act in the UK, we want to make this afternoon bigger and better than ever before! Inspired by St Margaret of Scotland, we want to make our presence felt and celebrate being pro-life women in Scotland.

Good Morning Scotland on Feminism Excluding ‘Anti-Choice’ Women

January 30, 2017

Dear All,

Yesterday morning (Sunday 29th Jan) whilst listening to Good Morning Scotland there was a very interesting piece on the women’s march which took place last week in America, there was, of course, absolutely no mention of the March for Life which took place on Friday and which has easily as many women involved.

However the real cause for concern in this discussion about feminism and the women’s movement was the following discussion which took place and which I now share with you.

This can also be heard on the listen again facility on the BBC Scotland website. Just Google Good Morning Scotland and search for yesterday’s programme. The discussion starts at 1:50:40  I highly recommend that you listen if you can. Link:

For those who don’t have access to listen again I’m putting the discussion below:

Following on from one of the contributors saying “One of the great things about the Women’s Movement is that it is as broad as women are”

There then followed a discussion on how an ‘anti-choice coalition’ (that’s us by the way, for pro-life they say anti-choice) had tried to join the women’s march and it had been decided that this wouldn’t be allowed.

And now I quote

Contributor: “Feminism was inhospitable to anti-choice ideas, so there is a broad church but I think we do have to be mindful”

Presenter: “so this is what I want to know, Can you be anti-choice and be in the feminist movement?”

Contributor: “I think you can certainly for yourself have the view that your religion or belief prohibits you yourself from having an abortion, from terminating a pregnancy. I think if your position is that you want to stop other women from exercising choice and physical autonomy the answer is no, feminism as a label doesn’t extend to you.”

Presenter: “That’s the conclusion we came to in the office before the programme this morning.” End

Quite incredible that they have already decided that we should have no say in this ‘debate’ at all, by virtue of the fact that we want to offer women a real choice we are to be silenced. Well it’s up to us to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Please, please get in touch with the BBC and make your voice heard, pointing out the discrimination against women by women, the bias nature of the reporting and the lack of fairness in what is presented as news, particularly the heavy coverage given to the Women’s March and the non-existent coverage given to the March for Life.

As you know this year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act and there is going to be a lot of coverage of this issue, we need to make sure that we are given our place. We are not going away.

You can complain online through the website

Post: BBC Complaints, PO Box 1922, Darlington, DL3 0UR

Phone: 03700 100 222 or 03700 100 212 (textphone)

Please also pass this letter onto anyone you think who may be interested and put it on your social media. We need to let them know that there is an army of pro-life women in Scotland who will not be silenced.


With every best wish,

Sr Roseann

Prayer Requests

January 25, 2017


These women have all been in touch with us over the past week. They desperately need your prayers. As well as prayers, we are supporting them in whatever way we can.

Please pray:

For K, who is 14 weeks pregnant and whose child has been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. She is under great pressure to have an abortion and really needs prayers.

For S, who has an abortion booked on Friday 27th January. She is very confused and needs a lot of support. Her baby is of 22 weeks’ gestation and in real danger.

Fr E, who is in early pregnancy and feeling very vulnerable and confused. We’re meeting her on Friday morning and prayers would be much appreciated.

Also please pray for A, who sadly had an abortion last weekend following a diagnosis of foetal abnormality. Not unexpectedly she is devastated, as her text to Sr Roseann expresses, “Just feeling so terrible and I know that it is going to take a long time for me to get over this sadness. I am going to miss him so much… I will never forget my little boy. What a cruel world, he didn’t deserve this.”

Write to Nicola Sturgeon

November 25, 2016

Last week, on Thursday 17th November, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon responded to a question posed by Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie during First Minister’s Question Time.

She said: “I am happy to explore with the NHS what the situation is now in terms of the ability of women from Northern Ireland to access safe and legal abortion in NHS Scotland and whether any improvements can be made.”

Following the First Minister’s comments, it is important that she hears from pro-lifers the opposing point of view.

Sr Roseann has written to Nicola Sturgeon and I would encourage you to also.

You can write to Nicola Sturgeon as follows:

1) by letter:

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP

St. Andrew’s House

Regent Road




Dear First Minister,

[what you have to say]

Yours faithfully,


[Your name]

2) by email

3) by First Minister’s Postbag

It is always best to write your own personalised letter.

Some points you may wish to make are:

  • The people of Northern Ireland have consistently rejected liberalisation of their abortion law. Aren’t her comments interference in another nation’s affairs?
  • If Nicola Sturgeon believes in choice, what measures will she ensure are put in place to help women make a properly informed choice and give them the option of being supported in choosing life?
  • What impact will this have on our NHS?

See below for a more detailed view of the question and comments.

Patrick Harvie asked: “Many women in Northern Ireland find themselves with no option but to travel elsewhere in the UK to access legal and safe abortion. The time that that takes and the stress that it causes are bad enough, but there are also often significant financial barriers. Some organisations who support those women estimate that, at the low end, the process costs about £400 and, in many other cases, it costs more than £2,000.

“Does the First Minister agree that the National Health Service in Scotland should be exploring what can be done to ensure that those women are able to access abortion in Scotland, if that is where they choose to travel to, without facing that kind of unacceptable financial barrier?”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “I am happy to explore with the NHS what the situation is now in terms of the ability of women from Northern Ireland to access safe and legal abortion in NHS Scotland and whether any improvements can be made.

“Like Patrick Harvie, I believe that women should have the right to choose, within the limits that are currently set down in law, and that that right should be defended.

“When a woman opts to have an abortion—I stress that is never, ever an easy decision for any woman—the procedure should be available in a safe and legal way. That is my view.”

Ladies’ Lunch Success

November 15, 2016

Our 4th Annual St Margaret’s Ladies’ Lunch was a great success. 160 ladies gathered for a sumptuous 3 course meal, with talks in between courses about what is going on in terms of pro-life work around Scotland. There were also stalls selling crafts, jewellery and bric-a-brac; as well as a raffle and Irish bingo. The speakers were Sr Roseann Reddy and Louise Grant, SPUC Scotland development officer. We had ladies from Glasgow, Ayr, Dumbarton, Coatbridge, Kirkintilloch, Edinburgh, Hawick and even Aberdeen. The main purpose of the Ladies’ Lunch is to encourage pro-life women around Scotland, enable them to meet each other and have a fun afternoon. As a bonus, this year’s Ladies’ Lunch also raised over £4000 for the work of the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.

ladies-lunch-slide-show edinburgh-table