Please Pray

August 8, 2018

Please pray for a couple who are thinking about abortion. Pray for them to be given the courage and support they need to continue with the pregnancy and pray for protection for their unborn child.


Pray for Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

April 16, 2018

There is a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, for post-abortion healing, coming up in May. See the Rachel’s Vineyard website for further details:

We rely on God’s grace to give people the courage to go on retreat and for God’s grace to be at work in healing broken hearts during the retreat. We ask for your support in praying for this retreat, both in the lead up to and during the retreat. There is a prayer rota that you can sign up to here:

Urgent Prayer Request

April 13, 2018

Please pray for Julie, who has an abortion booked for tomorrow. She is really unsupported by her boyfriend and family. Pray for a change of heart and the support that she needs.

Pray for Baby Gabriel

March 27, 2018

We were praying for baby Gabriel whilst he was in his mother’s womb, as he had been diagnosed with spina bifida and had an operation in-utero. Baby Gabriel was born in January, but is only now full term. He is now at home happily feeding and growing and bringing much joy to those around him.

Baby Gabriel has a cast on his legs, to treat dislocated hips and clubbed feet. Please pray for ongoing healing of his hips and feet and for a continuing improvement in the movement in his legs. Pray for the doctors who are treating him to be guided as to the best course of treatment. Pray for the family as they take baby Gabriel to all his hospital appointments.

May God bless baby Gabriel!

Urgent Prayer Request

February 1, 2018

Please pray for a woman who is 14 weeks pregnant and under huge pressure from people around her to have an abortion. The abortion is booked for 2 weeks time. Pray for a change of heart to those pressuring her into this abortion and for the support and strength she needs to continue with her pregnancy.


Pray For Baby Gabriel

January 25, 2018

Baby Gabriel will be delivered tomorrow, at 33 weeks, due to there being too little fluid around baby Gabriel in the womb and a slowing of his growth. He is being delivered in London. Please pray for the surgeon and the two teams who will be involved in Gabriel’s delivery. Also pray for Gabriel’s family. The plan is for Gabriel to be in an incubator for several weeks after delivery.

Urgent Prayer Request

January 18, 2018

Please can you urgently pray for Baby Gabriel’s mother, who has gone into labour at 30+ weeks. We pray for both mother and baby, who have been through so much during this pregnancy. Baby Gabriel was diagnosed with severe spina bifida and underwent an operation at 23 weeks in utero.