50 Questions – Videos on YouTube

June 25, 2018

The series of videos of Sr Roseann answering 50 questions about abortion, to mark the 50th anniversary of the abortion act, is now available on YouTube. The series is titled “Abortion – 50 Years On”.

In due course, we plan to make these videos available in pen drive form to schools, along with a booklet of the questions and answers.

So, get watching and sharing these videos- they are short, sharp and to the point and will give you all the reasons for why we are pro-life.

Not In Our Name

March 6, 2016

On 9 February 2016, the Royal College of Midwives announced their support for a campaign run by abortion provider BPAS calling for the legalisation of abortion up-to-birth for any reason.

This extreme position has been announced without any consultation with the membership of the Royal College of Midwives.

If you are a midwife, maternity support worker or student midwife, please take action now by putting your name to our public joint letter (below) to the Royal College of Midwives to voice your concern about this position, the lack of consultation on this radical position and demand that the Royal College of Midwives revoke their support for this extreme campaign.

Please note only your title, first name and last name will be included in the open letter. To contact us for any reason, please email uknotinourname@gmail.com.

Celine Dion & Her Gratitude to a Prolife Priest

January 30, 2016

As Celine Dion mourns the death of her husband last week, it is good to remember her story and it’s link with the prolife cause.  Perhaps you don’t know that Celine Dion’s mother went to see her local priest to see if an abortion was an option as Celine was her 14th child.  The full story can be read here, https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/how-abortion-played-a-part-in-celine-dions-devotion-to-her-husband-and-fami but what we need to take away from this story is that many women feel desperate on discovering an unexpected pregnancy.  That’s OK and understandable.  What happens next is up to us.  Will we be the person who reassures her with support and help?  Often that is all that is needed.  If Celine Dion’s mother hadn’t received this from her priest in 1967, then Celine would not have had this wonderful career and marriage and her three children.

Forty Days for Life Scotland

January 12, 2016

SPUC Scotland has announced that Forty Days for Life (where a prayerful vigil is held outside places where abortions are done for 40 days), is to start for the first time in Scotland starting in Lent 2016, ( February 10th – March 20th) in Glasgow.

Vigil location: Outside of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Hardgate Road entrance Govan Glasgow- (formerly site of Southern General Hospital)

Vigil hours: (8 AM — 8 PM every day)

Local contact: rachelforty@outlook.com

Learn more … and get involved:


40 Days for Life hold a vigil outside the BPAS clinic in Bedford Square (PA)

We have long followed this campaign and seen the fruits and blessings it has brought to pregnant women and their babies through a powerful, prayerful witness.  However, it is not without it’s challenges from those who are against the cause of allowing women to have a choice and do not want any silent witness outside the abortion clinics.

Here is a podcast discussing a recent case which may have an effect on the Forty Days for Life campaign.


Don’t Stop a Beating Heart!

January 3, 2016

*Breaking news* SPUC Scotland gathers Prolife organisations together under new campaign entitled ‘Don’t Stop a Beating Heart’ Please support and share this campaign widely.

The Dark Shadow of Abortion

September 17, 2015

Evidence grows of the damage abortion creates as the years roll on of legal abortion throughout the world.  How much evidence do we need before we realise that asking a woman to abort her baby in the name of freedom and choice can never lead to happiness?   This article is taken from Mercatornet.com

The New Research – The dark shadow of abortion

For more than 40 years, feminist activists have been congratulating themselves on having won for American women a nearly unfettered right to abortion. That these activists ignore the unborn lives snuffed out has deeply troubled many Americans.  But new research is raising troubling questions even for Americans willing to focus exclusively on the well-being of the women who seek abortions.

Recently published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, a study conducted by researchers at Christchurch Health and Development Study indicates that when young women abort their unborn children, they often subsequently suffer from a range of serious psychological problems.  Examining data collected from 520 New Zealand young women for the first 25 years of their lives, the Christchurch scholars adduce evidence that “young women reporting abortions had elevated rates of mental health problems when compared with those becoming pregnant without abortion.”  The litany of psychological problems associated with abortion includes “depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviours, and substance use disorders.”

The association between abortion and psychological vulnerability persists in statistical models that take into account differences in psychological history and disparities in economic and social circumstances.  The researchers interpret the persistence of this linkage as strong evidence of “a possible causal linkage.” Further statistical analysis clarifies the direction of causation, with the data indicating that “abortion leads to increased risk of mental health problems.”  The data do not support the view that “mental health problems lead to increased risk of abortion.”

The Christchurch scholars acknowledge that their findings are “inconsistent” with a statement published by the American Psychological Association (APA) assuring Americans that “risk of psychological harm is low” for women who undergo abortions.  However, the Christchurch scholars complain that the APA’s “relatively strong conclusion about the absence of harm from abortion was based on a relatively small number of studies which had one or more . . . [methodological] limitations.”  Underscoring their skepticism with regard to the APA’s assurances, the Christchurch scholars find it “difficult to disregard the real possibility that abortion amongst young women is associated with increased risk of mental health problems.”

(Source: Bryce J. Christensen, “New Research,” The Family in America, February 2007, Vol. 21 Number 2. Study: David M. Fergusson, L. John Horwood, and Elizabeth M. Ridder, “Abortion in Young Women and Subsequent Mental Health,” Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 47 [2006]: 16-24.)

This article has been republished with permission from The Family in America, a publication of The Howard Center. The Howard Center is a MercatorNet partner site.

– See more at: http://www.mercatornet.com/family_edge/view/lets-not-pretend-that-abortion-doesnt-hurt/16834#sthash.HHCbYrLy.dpuf

What an Example for Everyone

September 15, 2015

This little video will brighten your day 🙂 It shows what is possible when we welcome people who are different into our lives.  They can teach us so much and bring so much to what can be a dreary world.  These classmates show what is possible and how much can be achieved.