Thank You for Donation

February 26, 2018

Thank you to the Knights of St Columba Council 396 who presented us with a cheque for £250 at last week’s Pro-Life Mass.


How your donations and support have helped

July 19, 2017

Thanks so much for all your support. Over the months of May and June, your donations have been used to support 73 vulnerable families. We have had phone calls from many women in crisis pregnancies needing support. We also had a successful Rachel’s Vineyard retreat, for those suffering after abortion, with 12 participants. We hope to start up a new team in the Dundee area to run Rachel’s Vineyard retreats there too.

We have been blessed to have many individuals coming to the door to donate baby equipment they are no longer in need of. The Amazon wish list, in June, was a big success and we had all of the items we wanted donated! We have had a great response to our appeal for toys this month- thanks to your generosity we have enough toys for the moment and will once again be able to respond to toy requests.

The Knights of St Columba have been brilliant in providing practical support to us- a group from the University came to check, clean and pack cots to be given out. Brian Henry brought a group of Knights to paint the doors of the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative building.

And of course we are ever grateful to our regular volunteers who come to sort through all the donations and make up packs of clothes and toiletries to give out to those in need.

In terms of what we need now, we are well stocked with donations of items and clothing to be sorted through.

If anyone is going to IKEA, please buy some of those big blue bags for us- we use these to package clothing that we give out.


A Prolife Rosary

August 25, 2014
A pro-life rosary challenge!!!As you all know, the ice bucket challenge is trending on social media. Thank you to this group of young people who added their own pro-life twist! They all said a rosary together for the intentions of Vanessa and Laura whilst they complete their pro-life internship in New York and they have all donated their £3 to the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative. Thank you to all of you! Now……lets make this trend! Nominate people to say a rosary for a pro-life intention and donate their £3 to a pro-life charity

Knights of St Columba

July 21, 2011

We had a wonderful turnout for the monthly diocesan mass last night at Our Lady of Consolation with a good number of priests con-celebrating as well.

After wards in the hall downstairs The Knights of St Columba  presented us with a cheque for £135 towards the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative.  Many, many thanks for your kindness.

Happy Birthday to the Knights of St Columba!

November 3, 2009

A characteristically belated thank you and congratulations to the Knights of St Columba who’re currently marking their 90th year of service in Scotland, England & Wales.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had the great pleasure of joining various celebrations, first with our dear friends, the Knights of the Moodiesburn Council at their lovely hall. The next week we joined Knights from all over Britain for the special Mass marking the opening of their annual Supreme Council meeting and the following night for their celebration banquet.

It was great to see so many old friends, and for Sr Amanda to meet them for the first time. We must give special thanks to David and Theresa O’Neill for their many kindnesses- like last year they acted as our “minders” at both events and we’re really grateful for all their care and attention.

A big thank you to Supreme Knight Jonjo McDonagh, Brother John Brennan and the Moodiesburn Knights, and basically all of the Knights and their Ladies, as it would be impossible to name everyone.We are continually amazed by the unstinting generosity displayed by the Knights and by all the support they’ve given us over the last 12 years or so.

Once again, thank you and many happy returns to the Knights!

Knights to the rescue

November 28, 2008

Today we welcomed Alan Ritchie and his fellow knights (brothers, I should say) Gerry and Tony. They are Knights of St Columba from Council 598 in the Cardonald/Crookston area of Glasgow, and very kindly delivered a cheque with the generous proceeds of a race night they recently held to raise funds for the Initiative. Many, many thanks – once again – to the glorious Knights of St Columba! Pictured below are Tony on the left and Gerry on the right.


The Knights

February 4, 2008

A few months ago we had a visit from some local Knights of St Columba – they recently sent us this picture from their visit.


The Knights have been great friends of ours over the years, and it’s lovely to have them here to see the results of their generous support.