Amazon Wish List

June 13, 2017

One of our supporters brought to our attention that Amazon do these wishlists and suggested if there was anything that we were in need of, then why not create a list.
If anyone would like to donate anything from the wishlist to go towards our mums and babies then your help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link:

Thank you ūüôā

Thank you for your donations

May 5, 2017

Thanks so much for all your support. Over the months of March and April, your donations have been used to support 93 vulnerable families.

We have been blessed to have many individuals coming to the door to donate baby equipment they are no longer in need of. Before Easter, the Knights of St Columba (Council 8, Clydebank) donated Easter eggs and we were able to redistribute these. In April we also had a visit from Fr Michael John, parish priest of St James’ Church in St Andrews, who¬†drove over to Glasgow¬†with a¬†van¬†full of¬†items that had been donated by his parishioners.

Items that we are in need of currently are:

Baby baths

Cotton wool

Ikea bags Рthe big blue ones (we use these to package clothing that we give out)


Moses baskets

Baby boy outfits for aged 0-3 months (please only donate clean laundered clothing and clearly label the bag ‘BOY 0-3 MONTHS’)


Thank you for your donations

March 4, 2017

Thanks you so much for all your support. So far this year, over the months of January and February, your donations have been used to support 70 vulnerable families.

Items that we are in need of currently are:

Baby baths

Ikea bags Рthe big blue ones (we use these to package clothing that we give out)



Prayer Requests

January 25, 2017


These women have all been in touch with us over the past week. They desperately need your prayers. As well as prayers, we are supporting them in whatever way we can.

Please pray:

For K, who is 14 weeks pregnant and whose child has been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. She is under great pressure to have an abortion and really needs prayers.

For S, who has an abortion booked on Friday 27th January. She is very confused and needs a lot of support. Her baby is of 22 weeks’ gestation and in real danger.

Fr E, who is in early pregnancy and feeling very vulnerable and confused. We’re meeting her on Friday morning and prayers would be much appreciated.

Also please pray for A, who sadly had an abortion last weekend following a diagnosis of foetal abnormality. Not unexpectedly she is devastated, as her text to Sr Roseann expresses, “Just feeling so terrible and I know that it is going to take a long time for me to get over this sadness. I am going to miss him so much… I will never forget my little boy. What a cruel world, he didn’t deserve this.”

Storm Heaven Please

July 30, 2014
Dear friendsWe have been asked to pray for a girl being helped by another intern working with Vanessa and Laura in the States. She needs a lot of prayers and real support. She is 14 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion however she does believe in God and has been praying the rosary. Her situation is a difficult one as she has been told she might die if she goes ahead to have the baby.Understandably this girl must be terrified. We can help with our prayers! Lots of prayers are needed for a conversion of mind and heart and also for healing and protection.

Thanks everyone

If you haven’t had a wee look at the girls blogs in a while, why not have a look. There are some inspiring reads

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Help Required

November 11, 2013

We are wanting to hear from anyone in the Bristol area who feels they could offer help and support to a young woman who is pregnant.  Please reply to us through this blog or contact us by phone 0141 433 2680

Help Wanted

November 4, 2013

Is there anyone out there who has the time and the experience to sell goods on ebay to raise funds for our work?

You’d need to be able to take the project on as a whole, from taking photographs of the items to describing them, monitering their progress and then posting them off to the people concerned.

If you think you can help, let Sr Roseann know by responding to this post.