Lowering the Abortion Limit?

The media debate from time to time the idea of lowering the abortion limit,  which in the UK is currently 24weeks.  This is due largely to babies who are born around this time and survive.  It is a topic which arises frequently and it always surprises us as to the double standards that are employed in this argument.

The people who promote this idea are not saying they think abortion is wrong for every baby but are proposing that the limit be moved so that those babies who have most chance of surviving outside the womb ie. those born around 22/24 week onwards,  of pregnancy be saved.  Does this mean that an unborn baby of 20 weeks is less human; less precious or less valued? No it just means this baby is just less developed and needs the protection of its mothers womb until it can survive outside the womb, just like all of us had when we were in that position or we wouldn’t be reading this.  It is astounding that they don’t see the illogical nature of this argument.  Either we decide to protect unborn children because we might have a new understanding and appreciation of their humanity and vulnerability or we promote abortion full stop.  What will you do?

Read a story in today’s Daily Mail which shows this;



2 Responses to Lowering the Abortion Limit?

  1. hadhopeamy says:

    It was nice to hear your opinon. I recently what an abortion video which changed my views a little and I hope to have a post on my blog about it sometime soon 🙂
    I think that the limit should be lowered because yes, babies are pretty much fully developed at 24 weeks or at least enough to survive without the womb.
    However I don’t think abortions should be stopped. I think they should remain an option.
    Your argument of ‘It’s either save it or not’ is understandable there is a point where the baby inside the womb is not a baby – it is just cells. What needs to happen, in my opinon, is a formal classification of at what point a fetus is classed as a human rather than cells. Then, the limit should be set. 🙂

    • gospeloflife says:

      I think you’ll find that even the most hardened pro-abortion advocate recognises through the scientific breakthroughs over the last 30 years, that we are dealing with a unique human being from the moment of conception and not a clump of cells, as was argued when abortion was first legalized. If anything had happened to us in say the first 12 weeks of pregnancy we would not be here. A heart starts to beat 6 weeks after conception. If that doesn’t demonstrate that we are dealing with a human being I’m not sure what does! Also, what does it reflect about human beings if have abortion as an “option”. We have to decide if abortion ends a life or not- not when is it ok to end this life. Look at some 3D imaging and ultrasounds as well as the facts of a developing foetus (Greek for little one) and you’ll see that we are dealing with an innocent baby.

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