A Compassionate Answer to a Difficult Dilemma

A story in today’s online Telegraph newspaper, written by a mother of a child with a genetic disease, Leigh Syndrome, throws up so many difficult issues for us in the prolife movement.  It is an individual story of a couple discovering that their daughter, Jessica has a life limiting disease that means she needs constant care and will not develop the milestones expected of her age.

The problem for us is that her parents want a procedure legalised by Parliament that would take out the rogue DNA that is causing the defect plus some of the mothers DNA and the fathers sperm and a donar egg, conceived in a petri dish and placed back into the mother’s womb.

What would be wrong with this?

Anything that is now said which does not acknowledge the pain, heartache and disappointment of parents in this situation would not be compassionate and understanding.  But, that doesn’t mean in acknowledging this that it is ok to do anything to have a child free of Leigh syndrome or any other disease.  That sounds harsh but the question needs to asked, Where do we stop with the interfering in this most wonderous of human capabilities? It isn’t just us that are involved in this, but God as well.  God’s plan is perfect and if he has willed a child into existence, then He knows best and hard though it is we must trust in his perfect plan.


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