A Perplexing Problem

JW Whitehead,(The Second American Revolution,pp. 118, 1982, David C. Cook Publishing Co)

“When Hitler determined to exterminate the Jews, some German humanists objected on the basis of the sanctity of life and of natural justice, Hitler simply defined the Jews as less than fully human, and his critics were anesthetized. If the Jews were not human, then they did not have human rights. What a simple solution to an otherwise perplexing problem! The argument for rights…becomes capricious and merely a matter of definition of terms by whoever has the power to make his definition stick…When abortion opponents object that in doing so they destroy other persons – unborn children – and deprive them of all their rights, the prochoice party simply resorts to having the competent power – the Supreme Court – declare that

unborn children are not persons and hence have no rights to interfere with a woman’s freedom of choice.”


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