Abortion is not a Victory

**taken from Reflections of a Paralytic blog**

Béatrice Fedor comments on the recent trend among abortion advocates to share “positive” abortion stories in order to “break the silence” and “remove the stigma”.

You can’t “remove” abortion stigma and shame but you can face what happened honestly and start to heal. There would be no stigma if what we call “abortion” were a beautiful, good, fulfilling life event. But as it is, abortion is a violent, destructive, demeaning, traumatic event that we (more or less freely) agree to. That’s why we feel guilt and shame. We are not whole anymore but we are told that we should be thankful because this is supposedly one of the greatest achievements of the women’s rights movement.

Abortion is not a victory, it’s a wound and a loss. The “positive abortion” movement is not telling the whole story and is not helping women. Encouraging us to pretend that nothing major happened keeps us in the darkness. Women who lost a child to abortion need to be restored and walk in the light.


One Response to Abortion is not a Victory

  1. It just makes my heart hurt to think anyone would claim this as a victory. Such a short sighted thought process never taking into consideration the women post abortion. I feel for all who have fallen prey to this twisted game of feminist propaganda. Several of my friends through the years have had abortions ~ none of them came out unscathed. Thanks for the post – Have a lovely day, Love, L.

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