Difference Between Losing & Killing a Child

 Tony Lauinger, president of Oklahomans for Life, said it profoundly,

“There is an infinite difference—emotionally, psychologically, ethically—between losing a child and killing a child.” 

We have covered many times the situation that emerges when a woman is given a prenatal diagnosis of disability for her unborn child and in the next sentence, she is offered abortion as the one and only solution.

The belief that to kill her own child is better than continuing with the pregnancy and perhaps having hours, days or years with their child has become insidious in our society.  Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institues, has written on this subject and comes up with some recommendations;

 here’s what they need to know the most:

  1. Take Time — Don’t be rushed into making a decision. Doctors may push to have an answer quickly. When emotions are high, it’s difficult to make a rational decision. Families deserve time to grieve, process the information and educate themselves about their options. It’s also advisable to seek out a second opinion from a pro-life physician or parents who’ve been there.
  2. The Diagnosis Doesn’t Define the Person — What many fail to recognize is that this child has an identity beyond his or her diagnosis. Acknowledge that this is your baby, your flesh and blood, and fully embrace his or her life with love and respect.
  3. Don’t Be Deceived — At the time of a diagnosis, it’s natural to feel a fear of the unknown. Don’t let fear direct your decisions. Abortion can be portrayed as “the best possible resolution,” but it’s not. No matter how bleak the prognosis, ending a child’s life is never an act of mercy. Abortion won’t make the crisis better, it’ll compound it.
  4. Always Affirm Life — Even when conditions are fatal, parents can treasure the brief time they have with their child. Every moment the child is alive is cherished. And perinatal hospice programs exist to help families make a compassionate plan for their child’s birth, allowing them precious time holding and caring for their baby. Plus they can memorialize their child’s life in beautiful photography. No matter how short, life is a blessing and deserves to be treated with dignity.

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