“Wrongful Pregnancy”?


**taken from jillstanek.com**

I love Kennadi with all my heart, and that’s the honest-to-God truth. But it’s been a life change for everybody – my whole family….

Everybody’s had to pitch in…. It’s been hard to wrap my mind around having this child when my other children are grown.

It’s not fair. She is the absolute love of my life, but it’s hard. Sometimes people think I’m her grandmother.

~ 40-yr-old Cynthia Williams, complaining about the difficulties surrounding the unexpected conception and birth of her now 4-yr-old daughter Kennadi (both pictured above), who has sickle cell disease. Williams is now suing her doctor for “wrongful pregnancy” because he cauterized the wrong Fallopian tube during a tubal ligation, which failed to prevent the conception of Williams’ daughter, as reported by ABC News, March 18

This story is difficult to take in especially when you look at the photo above of the beautiful little girl.  It is hard to understand how a woman can engage in an activity, ie sex which has a one purpose; procreation,  and then be surprised when she conceives a child (even when using contraception or she’s been sterilised).

The idea that  this woman can love her child and yet sue the doctor who failed in his operation to prevent this beautiful child from being conceived!  It is completely crazy and mixed up that society even lets this woman have a voice to air her grievances.

Surely any sensible person would be eternally grateful (after the initial shock) to have a child,   even with an inherited blood disease and not be allowed to sue anybody for what has happened which is a blessing and needs no  compensation from any doctor.


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