Down’s Syndrome – a special super power!

After reading this article about the adoption of a 2year old boy with Downs Syndrome, I smiled because the description of how his mother tried to tell him about his condition reminded me of my boys.  She says,

“Have you ever heard the words ‘Down syndrome?’” Kari asked.
“No,” he said.
“Ok, ok. Have you ever felt like you were different from other people?”
“No,” he said in an almost indignant tone.
“Ok. Well, I want to tell you something. Yeah… you… have a super power. It’s called Down syndrome.”

Most little boys want to be a superhero; superman, batman or Ironman and boys with Down’s syndrome are no different.  Difference is what the whole problem seems to be about.  Parents who are told their baby has Down’s syndrome or any other disability for that matter fear that their child will be different and therefore suffer.  And so they choose abortion for their baby instead of life.  A life of loving unconditionally and giving to everyone they meet is what children with this extra chromasome.

Brad Mattes, the author of the article sums up the problem plainly, in conclusion

Those who have a bargain basement value for “lesser” forms of life would have you believe that children with Down syndrome are unwanted and a burden. They perpetuate the lie that killing them in the womb is an act of mercy. We have a responsibility to refute this manipulation that continues to fuel a culture of death

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