The Reality – Two Patients

What  people who shout for the right to have abortion forget, is that we are dealing with two lives during a pregnancy.  It is a fact that is forgotten when convenient.  If the unborn child has something wrong with it and the parents want  their child then ground breaking surgery can be done to remedy the problem, therefore acknowledging that we are dealing with two patients.

However if the unborn child is not wanted or the disability is deemed too severe,  then abortion is put forward as the only answer!  Does nobody else see the complete illogical nature of this stance?  This video shows what can happen when every effort is made to save the child because the parents love and want their child.   What about all those who don’t want their children?  Does this mean we can dispose of them simply because they are unwanted?  No, we must do everything we can to save them because they too are precious.

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