What Would You Tell Them?

I am sure that if a situation arose where we are in a position of influence that we would find the right words to say to a girl considering an abortion.

This excerpt comes from an interview on Lifesitenews.com of a single mum called Veronika who was asked a variety of questions involving her decision to keep her baby.  Her answers and eloquence are an inspiration to us.

Q: If you met someone who was faced with an unplanned pregnancy, scared, and considering abortion, what would you tell them?

A: I would tell them how I went from being very directionless to a full time student with a direction because of my daughter. I feel like if I had never gotten pregnant I would still be waiting tables in a sleazy bar. A child can help you reach your potentials in life if you allow it to; the most beautiful flowers were once seeds buried in dirt, you know?  I would tell them, if they believe they are not up to the task of being a parent, that the nine months we carry these little miracles is only but for a moment in comparison to the rest of our lives, and that while we are so lucky to be able to get pregnant there are women out there every day who are devastated by still born births, multiple miscarriages and the years they wait for a child to be ready for adoption. Lots of women view us as the lucky ones and that this baby may end up being someone else’s only chance for a baby

“The picture I have enclosed of Amelia and I does not fully show my face but it’s an important picture to me. Amelia became very ill with respiratory problems around seven months which meant a lot of nights of dealing with fevers, congestion, pain control and a sad little baby who kept waking up due to having trouble breathing in her sleep. I took this picture one night when I decided to let her sleep on my chest instead of in the crib and she slept throughout the night. I did that every night until she was better. To me, it represents what we do as mothers, that we stop looking at ourselves as individuals with needs and we begin to look at how we can serve another and therefore love another, and with that comes learning to love ourselves.


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