A Mother’s Womb – The Most Dangerous Place to Be

There will never be enough posts to cover the subject of abortion for disability.  The fact that tests reveal to a mother,( who five minutes before was ecstatic with her pregnancy), that she is carrying a child with a disability and therefore she can legally kill it, is the most insane reality of our, so called civilised world!  Abortion in the cases of Downs Syndrome is fast becoming the only option offered because the medical profession cannot conceive of a reason why a mother would want to continue with her pregnancy?

We came across this story http://noahsdad.com/mothers-womb/ related through the fathers’ eyes which tells it how it is and more.  Let’s fight for all the Noah’s in this world and tell everyone we meet that if we don’t fight to save babies with this extra chromosome, then soon the world will lose this precious gift.


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