A Human Rights Issue

We are sure that readers will know by now that an abortion bill, The Protection of Life During Pregnancy 2013,  has been passed very recently in Ireland.  Much has been written about this.  However this quote from a speech made during the debate of this bill caught our eye.

‘There is an emerging consensus in Ireland which suggests that having a sense of morality has something to do with the Catholic Church…. This is deeply worrying. It is a lazy way of attempting to undermine the worth of an argument, without actually dealing with the substance. This is not just a Catholic issue, any more than it is a Protestant or Muslim issue. This is not a religious issue. It is a human rights issue… We all have the right to conscientious objection. It is enshrined in Article 18 of the United Nations, Universal Declaration on Human Rights.’
and this is the whole speech to the Dail, the Irish Parliament.
Lucinda Creighton, is the author of the above quote.  She was Minister of State for European Affairs and was once tipped as a possible leader of the Fine Gael party.  She was automatically expelled from its grouping in parliament for voting against an amendment to the new law and will now lose her role as minister for European affairs.
Ireland’s lower house of parliament passed the bill by 127 votes to 31 and acceptance in the upper house is considered by many now to be a formality.
Ms Creighton’s stand and subsequent speech is wonderful to hear.  She has taken a stand against enormous pressure to follow her partys line on this particular bill and not only this,  but her career has suffered because of her stand.  From a prolife point of view her words are powerful as she has shown that those in positions of power and leadership can  stand up for those who have no voice not matter what the personal cost to themselves.
We commend her and wish her well

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