Loving Louise

This story that Jennifer told at last weeks Irish Prolife Rally is one we hear so often.  When prenatal diagnosis is made of disability especially rare disability like Dandy-Walker Syndrome, as was the case here we find an attitude of discrimination by the medical profession.  A pressure to abort is the overwhelming “answer” and if this is resisted then an attitude of guilt and disappointment towards these awkward parents who are willing to take a risk to love their unborn child – disability and all.

Jennifer’s story is powerful and moving in its simplicity and shows that even though a diagnosis like Jennifer had can be frightening and bewildering, if we listen to our human instinct to protect and love the weakest of the weak we will be the ones to receive a special gift.

Listen and be amazed at her story.

Dandy–Walker syndrome

** (DWS), or Dandy–Walker complex, is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum and the fluid filled spaces around it. A key feature of this syndrome is the partial or even complete absence of the part of the brain located between the two cerebellar hemispheres (cerebellar vermis).[1] The Dandy–Walker complex is a genetically sporadic disorder that occurs one in every 30,000 live births.


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