Mummy Why Do We Pray?

by Stacey Trasancos

“Mommy, why do we pray?” That seems like an easy question to answer, but I wanted to give her something to hang on to later in life. Satan tempts us not to pray. Someday she may feel she doesn’t have time to pray, she may be too hurt, angry, or afraid to pray, or she may feel that prayer is futile because suffering and hatred never seem to end.

Prayer is not a petition to change the will of God, but a petition to know the will of God, to ask for grace to understand so we can align our will with His. Prayer is an intellectual act, a thought, a word, a search for understanding. Yes, we pray for certain things, but if we are not seeking those things for the sake of our salvation or the salvation of others, then we are not really praying. “It is lawful to pray for what it is lawful to desire.” -St. Augustine

**taken from Catholic Lane**


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