Life Award for Chen

We have followed the trials and joys of Chen Guangcheg, the blind Chinese activist since we heard  what happened when the Hollywood actor, Christian Bale tried to visit him when Chen was being held under house arrest in China, a couple of years ago.

Chen’s life and freedom have been under the spotlight as he escaped from China and  found safety in America.  He has stood up against the violation of human rights and rights of the unborn through much personal cost to himself, his immediate family and his extended family.  Through his willingness to risk this safety he has put the international spotlight on the many human rights abuses that continue in China including the one child policy.  No longer can the world say it doesn’t know what is going on in China in this area.

Now on a visit to Britain this week we hear he was honored in receiving the first ever Westminster Award for his contribution to “human rights, human life and human dignity” by the V All-Party Parliamentary Pro-life Group, and the Right to Life Charitable Trust on Monday.  Read the full story at including how Chen is challenging David Cameron to stand up to Beijing and look at a list he has handed over with the names of Chinese officials he is accusing of being complicit in human rights abuses.

We in the prolife movement applaud him and pray that his efforts to highlight the Chinese situation will come to fruition.


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