What We Can Learn From Speed Awarenenss


Recently, I went on a speed awareness course, organised by AA drivetech. The course was an alternative option to receiving 3 points on your licence after being caught driving over 30mph in a built up area.

Included on the course was video footage of the worst accident ever on the motorway in the UK: the 1991 M4 crash that led to 10 fatalities and many injuries. After watching the footage, as well as a picture of a car crash with a young child’s toy bike that led to a child fatality, I could barely get on the road again to drive home, and most certainly I had resolved to be much more careful. Every year in the UK, there are nearly 2,000 fatalities on the road. Millions of pounds a year are spent on speed awareness with signs in villages, advertising campaigns that do not hesitate in using graphic images and millions of pounds in fines for speeding drivers.

There are around 200,000 abortions in Britain every single year. Abortion has 100 times more victims that road fatalities in our country every year. We need to engage with the public to ascertain the problem of why there are so many victims, and what can be done about it. The process might initially result in cognitive dissonance where members of the public have to hold 2 conflicting ideas in their brains at the same time – which do not make sense. But this will eventually help the misconceived perception about abortion come in closer correlation with what abortion actually is.

Abortion is the end and ugly product of an ideology of the culture of death. Children have been told a lie about sexual freedom and as a result STDs are at epidemic levels. The media has taken a position overwhelmingly in favour of abortion, saturating the airwaves with biased material. Churches have remained silent and apathetic on the issue, worried about upsetting people. All major political parties have a position overwhelmingly in favour of abortion. The consequences are quite chilling. Britain continues to pay for and export abortion practice all over the world.

Pro-life advocates could learn powerful lessons from road campaigns that try to engage drivers into driving slower. Powerful images work in terms of changing hearts and minds. Powerful educational tools that seek behaviour change can work with the right ethos, language and tone. Informed decision making helps to empower the recipient into rethinking their values and behaviour. This can lead to behaviour change.

Pro-life activity needs a complete remake in the United Kingdom. Post-abortion ministry courses need to flourish. Medical pro-life counselling centres need to proliferate all around the country. The public needs to be educated en masse about what abortion really is, and how the majority of abortions are against British law to date. We need a new springtime – and the time is ripe now for that powerful and important transition.

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  1. Thank you for a very well written post.

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