What a Crazy World!

It’s hard to believe that parents who go to such lengths to have a child ie. pay another woman to carry their child, would pay her to abort the child because the child has a disability! This is the crazy world we live in now but the hope we can take from this story is that the surrogate mother has taken a stand for the life of the unborn child she is carrying and gone to extraordinary lengths to protect the child from those who would have its life terminated. We applaud Chrystal Kelley and wish them both well.

*taken from Jill Staneks blog**

Quote of the Day

“They were both visibly upset. The mother was crying,” she remembers. “They said they didn’t want to bring a baby into the world only for that child to suffer. … They said I should try to be God-like and have mercy on the child and let her go.”

“I told them that they had chosen me to carry and protect this child, and that was exactly what I was going to do,” Kelley said. “I told them it wasn’t their decision to play God.”

Then she walked out of the room.

“I couldn’t look at them anymore,” she said.

~ Surrogate mother Crystal Kelley describing the moment when the biological parents of her unborn child, Baby S. (pictured), attempted to convince her to abort the baby because of fetal abnormalities.

They later offered to pay Crystal $10,000 to abort, but she escaped to Michigan to avoid a legal showdown in her home state of Connecticut, as reported by CNN, March 5


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