The Archbishops Word of Wisdom

It was a wonderful mass  last Friday in the Cathedral when Archbishop Tartaglia gave the Church some much need words of wisdom as we experience some turbulence with the retirement of Pope Benedict and the early retirement of Keith O’Brien aswell as last nights admission of guilt.

 Archbishop Tartaglia has urged Catholics to hold fast to their faith amid the current period of difficulty.

He said: “I want first of all to say that I understand that this Archdiocese is in a state of shock for the loss of its shepherd. Let me assure you that I and the whole Church in Scotland share your pain and dismay. On Tuesday evening, I celebrated a Lenten Station Mass in a church in Glasgow and the mood of the congregation was sombre for what had happened, and I felt I needed to encourage them and try to give them new hope. And I would like to try to give you hope too by asking you to focus your gaze on Jesus Christ who is alone our Saviour and our Good Shepherd. I think I can say with confidence that, whatever happens, the Lord will not abandon us …  

Archbishop Tartaglia also reflected on the extraordinary circumstances of the Pope’s resignation.   He said: “In the early evening, the Church bells of Rome will ring out across the eternal city as our dear Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI leaves the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican and is flown to the Papal Residence at Castel Gandolfo 20 miles to the south east of Rome. At 7.00pm our time, Benedict XVI will cease to be Bishop of Rome and Pope. He will become Benedict, Pope Emeritus. The See of Peter will be vacant, not because the Pope has died, but because, with a singular and unprecedented gesture of self-abasement for the good of the Church, the Holy Father will have voluntarily stepped down from his sacred office. We cannot but admire Benedict’s spiritual courage, which, to be sure, was clear throughout his Pontificate and which helped him to do things which surprised everyone, not least to visit the UK in a very unpromising circumstances.

**For the full text of his sermon go to  and press on the link.


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