Quest for Baby Perfection

The  subject of abortion for disability is one which brings up many differing views.  For pro lifers there is a very clear line which cannot be crossed.  Abortion for any disability is wrong and must be fought just as strongly as abortion for babies without disability.  Full stop.

The subject of abortion for minor disabilities is one which arises in the media from time to time and today The Daily Mail has an online article  http:// discussing the number of babies aborted due to cleft palate and club foot being found in the womb.   The article goes into detail as to numbers and statistics but as with so many main stream discussions on this subject, it misses the point as to whether abortion is ever the answer to disabiltiy?  What would be fantastic to see is a discussion as to how we can support families (after the birth of their child for as long as they need support)  who have a child with a disability whether it be club foot or cerebal palsey?  Surely these families deserve to know the truth- that their child deserves life and love and not death and the parents will love their child even with a disabiltiy.  There are many stories from parents who testify to this fact.

Cleft lip and palate is the most common facial birth defect in the UK and can be corrected after the baby is born but Eurocat said 157 foetuses were aborted between 2006 and 2010

One such parent who we know well is Lynn Murray, whose fourth child, Rachel was born with Downs Syndrome in 2000.  Today Lynn is travelling to London to give evidence to a cross-party commission launched last week to look at the issue of abortions after the 24 week limit.   It will be chaired by Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, whose child was born with club foot.It will review current legislation and whether medical advances and changes in attitudes towards disability mean the law should be updated.  We wish her well and know that she will speak up for those unborn babies targeted by society as lives unworthy to be lived. 

  Let us keep this commission in our prayers that its conclusion will be positive and life giving.


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