Our Witness to Life

Here’s a thoughtful article for you to reflect on during this anniversary month of Roe vs Wade.  Fr McCloskey out that Bernard Nathansaon has been instrumental in this long fight for unborn children and his autobiography “The Hand of God” is to be reprinted and updated later on this year which is fantastic news.  It is a book everyone should read because it gives us hope, hope that our prolife deeds and witness can affect even those who in the heart of the abortion industry or those who are most vocally against the unborn being born.

Bernard Nathanson writes in “The Hand of God”,

Witnessing these pro-life demonstrators who were willing to go to jail and suffer bankruptcy for their belief made such a powerful impression on Nathanson that “for the first time in my entire adult life, I began seriously to entertain the notion of God, a God who problematically had led me through the proverbial circles of hell, only to show me the way to redemption and mercy through His Grace.”

Do read Fr MCloskeys’ full article at, http://www.truthandcharityforum.org/the-40th-anniversary-of-roe-v-wade-and-dr-nathanson-the-prophet/http://www.truthandcharityforum.org/the-40th-anniversary-of-roe-v-wade-and-dr-nathanson-the-prophet/


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