Walk for Life West Coast

The second biggest pro-life walk in the U.S. (after the March for Life in D.C) is coming up on the 26th January 2013.  There is a promotional video which can be viewed here

You may think a walk for life isn’t relevant for you here in the U.K.  Why would we watch or talk about it when we are so far away from all that is happening in the U.S.?  Here’s a couple of points to think about;

  • it gives you a great, warm feeling inside to see so many other people being positive about the situation we are in regarding the wanton destruction of unborn babies – we are not alone in feeling this is the most important cause!
  • it is encouraging to us across the water to see what is possible with organisation and commitment to the cause
  • lastly it can galvanise us to keep going even when we feel despair, frustration and pain for all those babies killed by abortion and their mothers.

Let’s do all we can to promote this video and who knows maybe one day we will be promoting our own massive walk for life in the U.K.?  Miracles do happen you know.

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