A Testament to Life

When searching for ideas to write a posting on this blog we come across lots and lots of stories which have a prolife message or meaning.   Some days its hard to find something worth writing about and then some days a story jumps out of the screen and brings up lots of mixed emotions and it usually ends with us crying!

This is one of those stories.

This story cannot be passed by.   Yet it is not unique.  It happens to a lot of couples but how couples deal with the situation is what divides the situations.  Let me introduce to you Jason & Marie who waited until marriage to give themselves completely to each other in complete union and were open to new life from that moment of becoming Mr & Mrs.  They were blessed after a month to discover Marie was pregnant and excited and happy and all the emotions that come with discovering that you are new parents.  Then with the ultrasound came the unbelievable news they were expecting triplets!

We’ll let them tell the rest of the story..

What stands out for us is the attitude of Jason, Marie and their families to the precious lives of Adam, Bernadette and Christine.  From the beginning they welcomed these three tiny babies with love and stood firm against the medical professions stance of “foetal reduction” which seems to be the norm now when dealing with multiple babies even if this has happened by their own hand as in I.V.F. pregnancies.

Also it was so touching to see that these parents knew that each baby was an unique individual and each had and has a unique value which can never be erased even in death.  Jeff Gunnarson of Campaign Life Coalition, attended the funeral of their babies and commented on Jasons’ graveside testimony,

“Believe me, anyone in that crowd with a hint of indifference to the value of a baby’s life at 22-weeks would have left that service re-thinking a pro-choice position. Jason conveyed just how wonderfully-made are these little human children of God. He was able to see in this serious, sad, yet profound moment of burying his beloved children a pro-life ray of hope that brought tears to our eyes and made us grateful to have witnessed so great a love.”

Let us give thanks for this couples’ witness to life no matter how short that may be and keep them in our prayers.


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