Rite of Initiation into Religious Life

Postulancy Entrance
Feast of Our Lady’s Birthday
Tuesday 8th September 2009

God our Father it is you who have called us. Hear our prayers and bless this sister of ours, Amanda. It is her wish to follow your Son in religious life and to test our way of life as a Sister of the Gospel of Life. Help her to know what you ask of her and to respond with generosity and love. Grant us the grace to be faithful and kind companions to each other. Give us strength for any trials that may come and lead us all one day to fullness of life with you in heaven.

Sr Roseann – Amanda, do you freely seek to enter as a postulant into our way of Life as a Sister of the Gospel of Life?

Amanda – I do. I ask for God’s merciful love and a share in the life of this religious community of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life.

Sr Roseann – Amanda the community welcomes you and offers you these gifts from your sisters:

The Divine Office: these prayers, which we say together every day are a mark of our love for the word of God and of our fidelity to the Roman Catholic Church. May you grow in wisdom and love as you ponder these words in your heart.

The Crucifix of Pope John Paul II: The crucifix which we wear is a symbol of our belief in Jesus Christ, who was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered and died for us and then rose from the dead. May you always be a faithful witness to Jesus Christ, His Church and the Gospel of Life.

The Vision statement of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life: From our first beginnings we have tried to capture what it means for us to life the Gospel of Life. These words, this vision, will help you to be as one with your new community. Read them often and live them always.

The Sisters exchange the sign of peace and welcome Sr Amanda

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One Response to Rite of Initiation into Religious Life

  1. John lannon says:

    God bless and I hope and wish that you find what you are seeking . John

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