Buggy appeal in the news…

From The Catholic Times 25/01/2008

World backing for the Gospel of Life
by James Hastings

The nun in charge of the UK’s best known pro-life group took a special delivery this week – a pram all the way from Chicago.

Sr Roseann Reddy, of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life in Glasgow, was stunned when the hi-tech pram arrived from America.

It follows an appeal on the order’s blog for baby buggies and baths. The order and its volunteers run the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative which provides practical help to expectant mothers.
But after a surge in babies being born over the Christmas period, the sisters found their pram cupboard practically empty.

Sr Roseann told The Catholic Times: “We placed a small notice on our blog and have been absolutely amazed at tghe responses we’ve received from all over the world.

“One woman in Chicago read about the appeal on a priest’s blog in the United States and she got Amazon to deliver a pram.

“Other people have been sending baby baths which are also desperately needed, while others are sending money.
“One priest in England sent us a baby bath and he is urging his parishoners to do the same.

“Best of all there are very kind messages from all over the world, praising the work being done here and offering prayers.
“It is absolutely wonderful and we want to give a bi thank you to everyone.”

The pro-life initiative was set up by the late Cardinal Thomas Winning of Glasgow in 1997 after claims from pro-abortionists and critics that the Church did not offer practical assistance to pregnant women.

So far more than 1,000 children have been born and mothers provided with items such as prams, cots and even nappies.
Sr Roseann established the Sisters of the Gospel of Life in 2000, the first female religious order founded in Scotland for 150 years.

The sisters and volunteer helpers provide counselling and information on issues like housing.

Added Sr Roseann: “We like to give mums the equipment around eight weeks before the baby is due, and we have a number of mums here at that period.

“If anyone has a pram or buggy, in good condition, that you no longer need, please do consider donating it to us.

“We have a particular number of women whose due dates are imminent and are in particular need of prams or buggies.”

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Again it’s wonderful to see such a visible response to our appeal – this article featured on the front page of the most recent Catholic Times. There are a few small inaccuracies – the lady from Chicago who sent a pram (Ma Beck!) saw the appeal on Fr Tim’s blog, rather than on the site of an American priest. The English parish priest referred to is also Fr Tim, and he sent a buggy.

More personally, the description of the origins of this organisation is skewed somewhat, implying that the impetus came from the criticisms of the pro-choice lobby, rather than as a positive initiative of the late Cardinal Winning.

However it is on the whole a good article, and it was nice to be able to reach an audience perhaps unacquainted with the blogging world, as well as giving us the opportunity to once again publicly thank all who contributed to the appeal.

As well as a number of new buggies (ten or eleven I believe) we’ve received a good number of baths and two baby slings. A priest friend of ours also brought us three buggies. Thank you all so much for your support, for making donations, to Fr Tim and all who publicised the appeal.

Finally, a special thanks to Fr Neil ‘Postman Pat’ Donnachie and to Peter Creron for receiving and transporting several of the very large parcels.

Thank you all and God bless!

4 Responses to Buggy appeal in the news…

  1. Ma Beck says:

    The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing.

    God bless you, Sisters.

  2. Mac McLernon says:

    Are there any other items which you particularly need? Baby-gros? Stuff like that?

  3. Fr Kevin D says:

    Will be bringing through the prams, baths etc on Thursday as arranged, but this evening I recieved an offer of a ‘double-buggy’. Let me know if you think that you will be able to use it and I shall collect it from the parishioner who is offering it and bring it through too.
    See you Thu ’bout 1.30ish

  4. gospeloflife says:

    That would be great Fr Kevin, thank you. We’ll see you on Thursday!

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