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A quick help request…

As part of the 40th anniversary events we’re organizing, we’re putting together a number of pro-life slide-shows on different themes. What we’re looking for are sound-bites from people like Cardinal Winning, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI speaking on specifically pro-life related issues. These would be sound clips that we could play over PowerPoint presentations. If you know of good sites on the internet or if you would be able to email clips to us, please leave a comment on this post or email us at

Thank you and God bless.


PLEASE NOTE: The email address featured in the original post has been altered- where it previously ended ‘.com’ it now ends ‘.org’ – Apologies for any confusion caused.

2 Responses to Pro-Life Resources

  1. Andrew Brown says:



    “Caritas Christus urget nos” You might want to check out the MC fathers website and the Mother Teresa Centre website for some life material. Carry on with the good work. I pray that many more souls are called to join in the fight for the unborn.

    In Jesus


  2. antoinette says:

    Please pray for us that abortion may never come to malta

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