What we’ve been up to…

You may have noticed that posts have been fairly thin on the ground in recent days (as we’ve been reminded repeatedly).  The summer months are always hectic for us, and this year has been no exception.

Firstly, congratulations to Sr Andrea who sat her final exam on Saturday.  After five years of part-time study Sister will graduate from the Maryvale Institute with a BA in Divinity. Sr Roseann is almost as pleased about this as Sr Andrea herself, and after allowing her a short break will be presenting the ‘To-do’ list she’s been working on for the last five years

While Sr Andrea was preparing for her exam, Sr Roseann was at Ampleforth with the FAITH Movement‘s Northern Summertime (affectionately referred to as ‘Baby Faith’), an event for children between the ages of ten and fourteen. This year one hundred and thirty three children were accompanied by thirty helpers for a week of talks and activities. A good (if exhausting) time was had by all.  Pictures coming soon.

This week both Sr Roseann and Sr Andrea are at Woldingham College in Surrey for the FAITH Summer Session, a conference for young people between the ages of sixteen and thirty.  The week is made up of social, spiritual and catechetical activities. Daily Mass, Exposition and a Reconciliation service are accompanied by talks, seminars and discussions as well as sports, outings, a Ceilidh and the opportunity to catch up with old friends.

After a, rather longer than expected, eleven hour journey, the Scottish/Northern contingent arrived just in time for the celebration of Mass followed by supper and an excellent (as ever) opening talk by Fr Roger Nesbitt introducing this year’s theme: ‘Jesus Christ: The Hope of the World’. The talks have been of the usual high quality from a number of familiar FAITH speakers.  This afternoon Sr Roseann will give the feature talk ‘The Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative: Ten Years On’. 

We’ll be posting soon with pictures from Ampleforth, as well as pictures and more of the goings-on at the Summer Session. Here’s a taster for you. God bless!

Fr Scott does his Marge Simpson impression on the journey down to Woldingham.

One Response to What we’ve been up to…

  1. Jane Critten says:

    I was wondering how the conference is going and so turned to your blog to find out. I can see that Fr. Scott is on form… Congratulations, Sr. Andrea on becoming a Bachelor (in addition to your MA does that make you MABA or BAMA?). Hope the conference continues to go well. By the way, how did you manage to requisition a computer and internet access when others haven’t managed? Actually, don’t bother to answer that: I can imagine. Must go – baby crying (but only one)… Remember those of us on the foothills while you are up the holy mountain,

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