More on Father Nesbitt’s 40th Anniversary celebrations

This scroll was presented to Fr Nesbitt on behalf of the many priests grateful for the role he played in their own vocations. In all there were thirty-seven signatories, evidence of the huge effect Father has had on the lives of those who know him, and of a truly fruitful vocation.

The text reads as follows:

We, the undersigned, wish to express to you our deep sense of gratitude for the example of priesthood which you have given us and which has inspired each of us to follow our own priestly vocations.

We are also deeply grateful for the kindness, patience and support which you have given to so many of us over the years and which has been such an encouragement and motivation in our lives.

Memorial of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
16th. July 2007

Also spotted at the celebration, a great friend of the Sisters, Dan Cooper, known affectionately as Cooperman.

3 Responses to More on Father Nesbitt’s 40th Anniversary celebrations

  1. Mac McLernon says:

    Also known to bloggers as Sir Dan of the Nesbitry !

  2. Sisters would you mind if I mention the Pro-Life rally in Oxford here?
    This month it is on 28th July 3 -4 pm at the entrance to the JR hospital, in front of the RC Church of St Anthony of Padua.

    Would you mind praying for everyone.

  3. Congratulations to Fr Nesbitt. I hope he had a wonderful day of celebration and may he have many more years of service for the Lord ahead.
    God bless

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